Compass course-calculator

What is the course to steer ?







On this site you will find an EXCEL program that allows you to easily calculate a course to steer.

If you passed for the test of theoretical coastal navigation , then you can simply calculate a course to steer, but after a while you start to forget some things, especially if you are not regularly sailing.
Even if you are sailing and you're down in the navigation corner at a turbulent sea, it' is not always easy to work on the seamap.
And when seasickness strikes you, soon you probably won't be able to count anymore.
Therefore I have made a Excel program to calculate a course to steer after entering the known data such as track, speed in the water, courent speed and courent direction, leeway, deviation, variation.
Only the deviation and variation must still be a plus or minus sign up (east or west deviation, variation)
I have also given attention to people who have imperfect eyesight,
so there are no small import boxes.
However, it is recommended to use this program only for support or travel preparation, you should better stay working in the seamap if possible.

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